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Together we make sure you get the right people into the right seats to drive your business growth further.

Remote hiring has never been easier. You tell us who you need; we bring that person to you, right into your palms. Not only do we search for the best candidates, but we also test & interview them to see the initial fit & ensure only the A-Player candidates get into the last round of interviews with you. And it does not stop there.

The success of your hire also lie in the processes after they join you. That’s where our team can advise you on the best onboarding & training practices, share ready-to-use templates and lead team management & development workshops.

Here is how it works

01. You tell us who you need

You tell us who you need
It’s not just about the title & a list of responsibilities. We meet you personally to discuss your struggles, needs & opportunities. We know that to bring the ideal candidate, we need to understand your business culture too - work ethics, values, and desired character attributes.

02. We search for potential candidates

We search for potential candidates
This is where the magic happens. At Prosana, searching for the best talent is all human-powered. We don’t use automations or bots to reach out & find candidates. Instead, we believe in the power of true & real human interaction from the first Hi.

03. We shortlist the best talent for your business

We shortlist the best talent for your business
We take the time to shortlist applicants who meet the minimum criteria. Narrowing down the list at the very beginning leaves you with the best matching candidate later. Also, this is how we save both yours & applicants’ time.

04. We interview & test the potential candidates

We interview & test the potential candidates
No recruitment can be successful without having an initial call & a test afterwards. These two steps go hand in hand as one allows us to see the culture fit & the other one tests practical, logical thinking & problem-solving skills.

05. You interview the TOP applicants only

You interview the TOP applicants only
This is where you choose which 2 or 3 candidates you want to interview yourself. It’s your chance to find a candidate you not only feel good about but are ready to take on a lifelong journey of your business.

Pricing starts From

*Commission is calculated from the yearly gross salary of the hired person.
✔️    €2,000 payment upfront 
✔️    Difference paid upon hire 
✔️    Hiring continued until we find a match 
✔️    30 day hire satisfaction trial period 
Let’s hire!

We don’t stop until the person we hire meets your needs 100%.



Sugatan, a US-based growth hacking agency for eCommerce, reached out when their team was only four people. All remote. From day one, they knew & believed that remote is a way to go. However, they did not know who they need, when they need them & how to get those people onboard. One thing they knew - they needed a team to grow the business further.

Two years of intense recruitment, team onboarding & development & the results speak for themselves. Sugatan is a team of 50+ and growing.
Remote Team 
Growth from 4 
to 54 People
by 2x
100% Remote Team
Onboarding &
Revenue Increase
from $0 to $4MM

EMF Media

EMF Media, a French growth marketing agency for eCommerce, got in touch at the pre-company stage. Two partners scaling brands together couldn’t handle the workload anymore. The freelancers they had were not exactly who they needed for the long run. They needed a team of committed & dedicated people.

One year of innovative recruitment, team onboarding & development & the facts speak for themselves. EMF Media is currently a team of 25+ and growing.

Team Growth from
4 to 24 People
by 1.5x & growing
100% Remote Team
Onboarding &
100% Remote Team

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